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We shipped Acer palmatum (Japanese maple) to France today.
We accept small orders. Please contact us for more details.
*Depending on delivery country and product, the items may be restricted to be imported by the law.

Export Bonsai  
Happy New Year!
May 2016 be a happy and great year for you.

I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year.
                                                      HIROMU TANAKA
We've accompanied to our bonsai farm Yamataya’s growing site inspection for
EU export today. Thanks and applause for their extreme attention, care and
control, all sites and bonsai trees have passed the inspection.
A season of the bonsai export has just begun. We’ve got lots of enquiries
from our customers in Europe including Italy, Germany and Spain and
realised how high the bonsai popularity in those countries is. Wondering
what sorts and shapes are popular over there? More updates on the shipping
work to Europe to follow shortly.
Thanks for following!

We shipped Goyo-matsu (Japanese five needle pine) to Hong Kong today.

It's difficult to export Bonsai trees in summer because of a really hot day, so we need to wash plant roots, pack and ship as soon as possible.

I hope this Bonsai tree can be deliver to our client safety.


Export of BONSAI
Few days ago, we did washing process of plant roots for export to Hong Kong.
there are many many regal regulation to export bonsai from Japan. for example, It`s strictly requested to eliminate soil from plants.
This time,We export dwarf azalea and Japanese white pine.
We trust that,these plants would attract poople of Hong Kong!
If you would like to import BONSAI from Japan,
Don`t hesitation please let me know.
We`re looking forward to your inquiry and order!!

Few days ago, we joined "Hachioji morning market".
We stored some Bonsai products, wild cherry,acer palmatum, and camellia japonica. In addition to bonsai plant, we sold small bonsai pot and viewing stone.
Thanks to you, all wild cherry and acer palmatum were sold out.It`s our pleasure if our products help you to begin Bonsai.
We will sell a precious gem with a special price next time. Please look forward to it.

From JAPAN exhibited "International gift show spring 2015 "

We displayed four Bonsai products "Juniperus rigida","Japanese white pine","Chaenomeles speciosa","Winter jasmine".
More than 300 visitor came and saw our products.
And some foreigner visitor also came to watch our display(U.S.A,Australia,China,Korea,etc‥).
We strongly felt spread of Bonsai culture.
Some visitor hope to start bonsai with small bonsai.
Small size Bonsai (such like "Chaenomeles speciosa","Winter jasmine")are very very good for beginner.
On the other hand, Gift show was quite an experience for us too.
We re-recognized our missions,"To provide the opportunity of starting Bonsai" and "everyone can experience a life that is abundant with the color green." we `d like to say thank you for your attendance, and for your cooperation.

I`m Masahiro KAMADA,owner of this website.

Thanks You for coming my website!

For my business, I treat‥

・export sales Bonsai plant, Bonsai Tool and Japanese traditional gardening tool.

・introduce Japanese culture, lifestyle,and sightseeing information etc.

I`ll upload product information soon for your satisficaton

Please forgive me of your inconvenience and wait for a while.

I would love to hear your impression or comments, no matter how small (not a pun related to bonsai plants!). So with our best regards, take your time and have a look at the bonsai of FROM JAPAN.