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From the evolutionary process of human beings to walking on all fours to walking upright, after research scholars' investigation of the development history of furniture in the world, it is found that after walking upright, human beings found that sitting down is beneficial to reduce fatigue in daily activities, and thus invented the seat. This way of sitting and working has been passed down, but as people spend more and more time sitting in the office, people gradually realize that sitting for a long time is not conducive to the improvement of work efficiency. Standing desk has also appeared, and using the elevating desk to stand office has become a popular healthy office method.
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The History of Fezibo
On October 10, 2022 in Dusseldorf, Germany/AP/-- FEZiBO, an international ergonomic furniture brand, recently released its sales performance, disclosing that the sales of 394% of standing desks (also known as L-shaped standing desk) quadrupled, and the German market in August. The record high sales volume is a continuous global trend of teleworking: after the Covid-19 pandemic, the German labor force, which usually works at home, surged by 296%, from about 5% in the past decade to 14.8% today. A survey by Statista consolidated the public's view that 77% of German employees agree that working at home contributes to work life balance.
Office hours are accompanied by pain, especially when working at home without a best ergonomic office chair. People around the world now sit longer and are more vulnerable to health risks than ever before. In Germany, the Global Burden of Disease Study found that the number of sitting diseases has increased steadily. During the same period, 61.3% of respondents reported back pain and 45.7% reported neck pain.
However, the solution is simple. According to health experts, two hours of standing instead of sitting can produce positive and immediate changes in health indicators, including improved blood sugar and cholesterol levels. In addition, by enhancing metabolism, you can burn an additional 10% of calories. By using a standing desk to switch between sitting and standing positions, you can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack.

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Being sedentary is bad for your health. People who are sedentary every day have an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and premature death. In addition, sitting all the time burns few calories, which many studies have linked to weight gain and obesity. For office workers who sit most of the day, this is a major problem. Fortunately, standing desk are becoming more and more popular.。

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A standing desk is basically a desk that allows you to stand comfortably while you work. Many modern versions are adjustable, so you can change the height of the desk and alternate between sitting and standing positions. These are called height-adjustable desks or sit-stand desks. Although research is still in its early stages, the use of standing desks does offer impressive health benefits and can also increase productivity. fezibo is a great sit stand desk that is flexible and can be raised and lowered to meet different height adjustments.

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Popular Fezibo Standing Desk
コメント In fact, research has shown that sitting at a regular desk while working shortens life expectancy. In addition, working while standing is expected to activate the brain and improve concentration. In this issue, we introduce how to choose a best standing desk with all these advantages and recommend items from popular brand, Fezibo. If you are having trouble choosing a stand up desk , please take a look at this article.

コメントHeight adjustable desk This is the most popular type of standing desk. It allows the user to change posture when working, which is expected to help blood circulation improve back pain and eliminate swelling. It also has a weight-loss effect, as it uses more leg and back muscles than standing work alone. The elevating type is great for both standing and sitting, as the height can be changed. You can use it for different purposes, such as standing style for email correspondence and sitting for paperwork. The electric type can memorise the preferred height, which can be useful. height adjustable type can be automatic or manual. Electric for convenience. The standing desk electric can be height-adjusted at the touch of a button. It can adjust the height without using force and are recommended for people who live alone or for women. The electric type can also memorise the preferred height and instantly raise the desk to the set height. This saves time and effort, so you can get on with your work without stress. If you have a budget to spare, consider this. standing desk with drawers A standing desk will have a tremendous positive impact on your health and wellbeing. Our professional home office furniture team is committed to developing products of good quality. "FEZiBO Brasa standing desk series" devoted to increasing efficient space utilization, blooming the passion in your work and life. Two fabric drawers can be easily installed to store small items that are easy to roll, lose, and anything you want to hide from your desk. standing l shaped desk The L-shape makes the desk more flexible to adapt to home and office. It helps create a better work environment allowing you to move throughout your day. This standing desk is designed for our customers, who need to work with plenty of electric devices. The L-shaped desktop is large enough to easily handle two monitors and two laptops. This standing desk comes with a free monitor stand, which does not need to be secured with screws to the desk. Let's work more efficiently in this perfect office set!

コメント On Fezibo's homepage, there are more kinds of standing desk for people to consider and to choose. As for children, the standing desk small is suitable for them. The small standing desk takes less space at home and they are easy to move when parents want to cleaning. Standing gaming desk and standing computer desk is also respectively suitable for esports player and office worker. A standing desk can contribute to improving the performance of employees. By the way, it is worthwhile to mention the ergonomic office chair

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健康のためのスタンディングデスクはプラスの影響を与えます。If you prefer a different style, they offers personalized options including 2 eco-friendly desk materials, 7 desk colors, 3 Frames Colors, 3 Sizes, and a variety of ergonomic accessories such as an Ergonomic Office Chair, Balance Board, 2-Drawer Rolling File Cabinet, Monitor Arms. So you can really make this desk your own. The desk is large enough to fit three monitors and two laptops on the desk.
This electric standing desk is the best stand up desk for workers who need to use a lot of electric devices.

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